Book Review: Run Like a Champion

I read this book leading up to the Philadelphia Marathon last month and am finally getting around to posting my review of it. I enjoyed this book and it is one I would recommend to other runners.

Although author Alan Culpepper ran at an elite level, including two trips to the Olympics, runners at any level will find useful tips in this book.

In particular I found his chapter on fuel and nutrition to be particularly valuable as I got ready for the Philadelphia. I found that this book went it to more depth than others I have read with regards to proper race day nutrition.

I particular I was interested in Culpepper’s explanation of how it is more difficult to absorb fuel when it is colder and how that can impact a marathon. This was the first time that I read about this. Previously I had not considered altering my nutrition plan based on the weather.

He explains this  by discussing his experience during his first marathon when he did not adjust his race day nutrition plan due to cooler temperatures and contrasting it with his experience at the Athens Olympics 2004 where he adjusted his plan due to warm and humid temperatures.

Culpepper also provides plenty of good tips on training, recovery, creating balance, injury prevention and racing. Overall I would recommend this book  to any runner who is getting started or is looking to make tweaks to their training.

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