The Runner’s High

When you run regularly some runs feel better than others. Some runs are tough and you get them in because they are on your schedule and you feel like you are getting them in because you have to.

Then there are runs that just feel effortless and remind you why you run. This is what come call the runner’s high. This concept has certainly been relevant recently.

For me I am currently at the peak point of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. That means all of my runs are being stretched with extra mileage. My tempo and speed workouts last week and this week have involved 17-22 km efforts.

In terms of how they felt, my tempo and speed workouts last week and this week fell into the second category I described above. On each occasion I felt like I could have continued running at a hard pace longer than I did. Each of those workouts made me feel positive about where I am at with just over one month to go before race day.

Of course scenes like this while I was completing those workouts certainly did not hurt…

22 km done after work tonight #marathontraining #running #ottawa #Run613 #runner #runottawa

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Ran through the arboretum tonight #ottawa #Run613 #runner #running #marathontraining

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I’ve had other runs over the past two weeks that were not as smooth or effortless. Feeling the runner’s high after what was supposed to be my toughest workouts at this point has been a positive development.

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