Time for New Shoes


I am just about ready to retire this pair of New Balance 890’s. I bought them in the winter and they helped me get through training for the Ottawa Marathon and half of my training for the Philadelphia Marathon. I even ran a 10 km race and a 30 km trail race in them. For me there are usually three signs that it is time to retire a pair of shoes.

The first is the mileage on them. I keep track of the mileage on my shoes and the rule of thumb is that I can usually get 700 km out of a pair. Sometimes I end up retiring them just before I hit 700 km and other times I manage to get a few more runs in them and stretch their lifespan over 700 km. this pair currently have 699 km on them.

The second sign that it is time to retire a pair of shoes is a lack of cushioning. Over time and after repeated use the rubber used to provide cushioning in shoes starts to break down. When this happens I can feel it every time my foot strikes the ground.

The third sign fits in with the second one. To go along with the lack of cushioning In a well used pair of shoes I get aches in my ankles and my knees following a run that I normally do not get. It is nothing serious and does not last long but it serves as a reminder to me that it is time to replace my shoes.

All three signs I mentioned now apply to this pair of shoes so I will be retiring them within the next week after a few more runs.

When do you decide to replace a pair of shoes?

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