Week 5 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Another week of training is complete. This week was a regular week following a recovery week last week. Following today’s long run I finished the week with a total of 71 km. my goal for the upcoming week will be to add to that mileage once again. 

Once again I stuck to relatively easy runs from Monday to Wednesday. Each of those runs was a 9 km run home from work. 

Thursday I had to postpone my run due to the weather. I ended up making for that with two runs on Friday including my planned speed workout. The day started with an easy run across the experimental farm at lunch. Running twice in a day has often been my way of increasing my mileage up to 80-100 km in a week.

I followed that up with my speed workout on the way home from work. This week’s workout involved 1600m repeats. Following a 3.2 km warm up I ended up doing 1600m @ 4:03/km, 1600m @ 4:38/km, 1600 @ 4:03/km and a final 1600m @ 4:38/km. With a cool down of 2.4 km the workout ended up being a 12 km run. 

This week my long run was another 25 km run done this afternoon. While it was still a bit on the warm side it was an otherwise great afternoon for a long run…

That was my week in running. I also manage to fit in my strength training workout twice this week as per my plan. The upcoming week will involve more of the same with the addition of extra mileage to get me up to 80 km for the week.

How did your week go?

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