Week 4 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

After hovering around 70 km for a couple of weeks this was a bit of a drop back week for me with a total of 59 km this time. I only ran four days this week which is not common for me but I still managed to get in my scheduled mileage by adding a second run on Wednesday.

Two runs in a day is something that helps me get my mileage in once I start getting up over 70 km in a week. I am fortunate in that my job often allows me to get out for a run at lunch and I can easily fit in a 6-7 km run before I head back. When I do that I still do my usual run home from work allowing me to get in 16-17 km for the day. On Wednesday I did just that with an easy 7 km at lunch followed by an easy 9 km run home from work. I will be doing more of this as my weekly mileage starts to increase going forward. 

My speed workout this week was another good one. This time it involved a 2.8 km warm up followed by 12x (200m hard, 200m easy) and ending with an easy cool down of just over 2 km. I was feeling it by the time I reached the 8th or 9th 200m sprint. These runs are always a highlight of my week because when they go well they are a big morale booster.

I ended the week with a 24 km run this afternoon. It wasn’t easy one with the temperature sitting at 32C (90F) and a humidex value at 41C when I headed out around 4:00. To make matters worse I ended up with a hole in the bottom of the bladder of my hydrapak just before the halfway point of my run.

I am not sure how much water was left in the 1.5L bag but what was left dripped down my back and my legs. Although uncomfortable for a while after that, mainly due to wet feet, I managed to finish the run at my intended pace.

Next week will see me going back up to a 70 km week. I also plan to get back to adding strength training to my routine twice a week.

How did your week go?

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