Week 2 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon

Week two of training is in the books. This week especially made me feel like I was getting back into my routine with 70 km done and a long run of more than 20 km. After a bit of down time following the Ottawa Marathon in May I am starting to feel like I am ready to push the pace a bit on my runs and add mileage to my daily runs.

This week saw me do one speed session on Thursday. Although I only did one tougher workout this week I made up for it by adding mileage to my other runs. With the exception of my speed session my runs this week were all 11-12 km. with a busier than usual week at work this past week a bigger week of running wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Speaking of my speed session, this week’s workout involved 300 m sprints. The full workout called for a 3.2 km warm up followed by 2 x 300m hard followed by an easy 100 m with an easy 300 m between both sets for recovery. 

Other than that my week involved easy runs with the distance as already mentioned being 11-12 km. on average that added an extra 1-2 km to each of my easy runs. Now the trick will be to keep doing that on a regular basis in order to keep my mileage at 70-80 km/ week for now before I build up to even more weekly mileage.

I ended this week with a 24 km long run. Since I was on duty with the kids most of the day today it meant getting waiting until after the kids went to bed to fit in my run. Fortunately it was a great night for a run…

How was your week?

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