Week 1 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


I realized tonight as I was getting ready to write this post that this week marks 18 weeks until the Philadelphia Marathon in November. With that my training for Philadelphia has officially started. This year will be my third visit to Philadelphia for the marathon.

Since I ran a 30 km trail race last Sunday this week was more about recovery than it was about training and building mileage. With family visiting from out of town for the first half of the week a recovery week was well timed.

Following the tral race I ended up taking Monday-Wednesday as rest days. I probably could have run if I felt the need to one of those days but the rest probably did me some good since the race took a lot out of me in the heat last Sunday.

I got back to running with an easy run home from work Thursday and it was a great day for it…

An easy 9 km run home along the canal tonight #Run613 #running #runottawa

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Friday I did some speed work on my way home from work. Again this was well timed since I had tickets for a football game Friday night so getting myself home quicker was a good thing. My speed workout this week cinsisted of a 2.4 km warm up followed by 2 x 1200m @ 4:00/km with an easy 1:00 in between.

Today I ended the week with an easy 12 run although with the heat and humidity that one ended up being tougher than it normally would have. Now I will start to gradually build my weekly mileage once again and get ready for marathon number two this year.

How did your week go?

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