My Week in Training

Once again this week I hit my target for mileage. After 43 km last week I was looking to build on that a bit and ended up with 59 km this week. Along the way I ran my latest race with a 10 km race on Wednesday which was Canada Day. 

I mentioned in a post last week that I as not sure how the race would go given the training I put in after the Ottawa Marathon. I was just hoping for a decent time but not expecting a new pb. That is exactly what I ended up with. I was pleased with the result.

With rain in the forecast for much of Wednesday we were fortunate that the rain ended just before the race started and held off for the duration of the race. In the early going I was able to keep a pace of 4:00/km without too much difficulty. However, a 4:11/km for the sixth km ended up costing me a better time. In the end I crossed the line in 41:01. Not a pb but not a bad way to get back into another training cycle.

Other than that my remaining runs this week were at an easy pace. This morning’s run was enjoyable since I got to take my 2 year old on an adventure around the city. Here we are catching the end of the changing of the guard at Parliament Hill…


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