My Week in Training

This week started off as a normal week with me fitting in three 9 km runs home from work with one of the runs coming at marathon pace. I made sure to fit in a run the first three days of the week because I knew I would not be able to run from Thursday-Saturday.

The reason I was not able to run for three days this week was I had an appointment for laser eye surgery Thursday morning. It is a decision that will have benefits in terms of running, mainly no more having to put in contacts before every run or rushing home to remove dry contacts. For this week it meant a lighter load in terms of mileage than I old normally opt for.

Today I was able to get back to my usual routine. First I started off by picking up a new pair of shoes since the two pair in my current every day rotation are due to be retired soon…

Then tonight I got back to running with something new for me, a beer mile. It is something that was a bit of a running joke with the group I regularly run with for the last couple of summers. Tonight we finally got around to doing one. With a time of 14:03, including one penalty lap, I won’t be setting any records any time soon but it was an interesting way to get back to running.

How did your week go?

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