Recap of This Week’s Training

It has now been a week since the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon. As you can imagine there is not really much to say about this week in terms of training. My recovery from the marathon went well and I was able to get back to running on Friday. My quads did not appreciate going down stairs for the first couple of days after the marathon but getting back to running on the Friday after a marathon is about my average now.

In terms of training I only went for two runs this week, an easy 8 km effort Friday and a quicker although still at an easy pace 8 km run tonight. On both occasions my legs felt good and I probably could gave picked up the pace  but there was not really a need to do so since I am just easing back into my routine.

This week I spent more time focusing on my training plan for the rest of the year. I know I am running the Philadelphia Marathon in November so now I am trying to figure out a schedule of shorter races to fit in before then to help get me ready. I’ve approached my spring and fall marathons over the past few years by lining up 3-4 races at shorter distances in my marathon training and I plan to do the same for this next marathon training cycle.

I know I will be doing a 10 km race on Canada Day in July and I will also be doing the Army Run half-marathon in September. I would like to line up a couple of other shorter runs over the summer and early in the fall that I can fit into my marathon trainng plan. So far I have not decided on anything else but i do have a few options in mnd. 

In terms of running, for now I get to have a couple of weeks of unstructured running. By that I mean running without a plan and doing what I feel like and what I have time for. Following that a structured training plan for Philadelphia will kick in and i will get back to focused training. 

How did your week go?

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