Week 17 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


Since race day is one week away this will be the last of my weekly training updates for this training cycle. In a few ways this training cycle has gone better than i expected it would. I feel like I am ready to take on another marathon. I just have to try and get through the final week without driving myself crazy thinking about my preparation and race day itself. 

Following a last week of heavy mileage I started dropping my mileage this week. For the first time in a while I was doing easy runs of less than 10 km. In a way it felt strange to be doing so but at the same time it was also a nice reminder that race day was near. 

Despie the fact that I was tapering my Tuesday and Thursday runs were still solid efforts. Tuesday night’s run was a threshold effort consisting of a 3.2 km warm up,10:00@Maintenance pace, 10:00 @ 4:26/Km, 10:00 @ 4:46/Km, 10:00 @ 4:26/Km and a cool down.

Thursday night’s speed workout was even more intense with a 3.2 km warm up followed by 6 sets of 200m hard followed by  and easy 200m, 3.2K in @ 4.26/km, an easy 1:30, another 6 sets of 200m hard followed by 200m easy and a cool down.

This morning while out for a run with my 2 year old in the Chariot I ran past this in case i needed another reminder that race day was near…

Now I just have a few more runs to go before I get to tackle marathon number 13 next Sunday. Ideally it will be a little cooler out than the hot day we had today. I’ll worry about that more later in the week when we get closer to race day.
How did your week go?

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