Week 16 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

 My final big week of training is complete now and race day is just two weeks away. Coming of my two biggest weeks of training I am now ready to taper. At this point there is not anything else I can do to be ready for the marathon. 

Following last Sunday’s long run of just under 33 km I did not really let up coming into this week. I think one of the things that I like about the current training plan I am following is that it does not leave time for a let down after long runs on Sunday. I have been taking my rest days on Friday meaning my Tuesday and Thursday tempo and speed runs are done on legs already tired from a long run.

This week I did a tempo run on Tuesday and a speed workout on Thursday. Tuesday’s tempo run involved 30:00 @ 4:26/km following an easy warm up. Given that this pace is not far ahead of my goal marathon pace it was a positive sign to feel like i could have kept going when the 30:00 was up.
Thursday’s speed workout was another hard workout. This week my schedule called for  3.2 km warm up, 3 x (800 m @ 3:25/km, 200 m jog), 30:00 @ 4:26/km, 3 x (800 m @ 3:25/km, 200 m jog). I finished the run with an easy cool down of just over 3 km for a total of 20 km done. 

I mentioned in a previous post that one of the things I like about my current plan is that it has me doing my tempo and speed workouts with more mileage. This week was another example of that. I’ll know in a couple weeks if that was beneficial or not.

That’s it for my intense training now. The goal of the next two weeks will be to get in some maintenance mileage while avoiding injury and to be even more disciplined with my nutrition plan. It is probably the part I enjoy least about marathon training because I get restless when I cut back on my mileage.

Coming off a ruptured appendix that left me in the hospital for five days and unable to run for two months I was unsure how things would go when I got back to running. To my surprise this training cycle has gone better than I expected it would. I am really starting to get exciting for race day and an opportunity to test my trainng.

How did your week go?

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