Book Review: Meb For Mortals

 I came across this book when i read a couple of early reviews on other running blogs. It peaked my interest right away and I picked up a copy so I could post my own review of it.  Having just finished reading it last night here is my review.
The first thing i will say about this book is that it is a very quick read since it is organized in short chapters where Meb goes over his thoughts and provides tips on a variety of of subjects – nutrition, stretching, cross training, strength training etc. Each chapters ends with a series of dos and don’ts to serve as a reminder.

I enjoyed the book for a couple of reasons. First it is interesting to read about how an elite runner prepares for a marathon. Personally, I picked up some tips and ideas here I am interested in trying in another training cycle. I say another cycle because I am too far along in this current cycle to make many changes.

Secondly, building on the first point, is that it is interesting to find out that an elite runner faces some of the same issues and preoccupations some of us recreational runners deal with. By this i mean things like the struggle to sleep the night before a marathon, the discipline needed to stick with a proper diet, fitting in time time for running and stretching afterward etc.

There you have it my quick review of Meb For Mortals. If you are interested in learning about how an elite runner prepares for a marathon and for tips you can apply to your own training go ahead and pick this one up. I don’t think you will be disappointed. 

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