Week 15 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

IMG_0989.JPGRace day is now three weeks away. That means today was the last of my really long runs. I did five runs of 30 km or more during this training cycle. For me completing the last one is always a positive milestone to reach, mainly because it means that race day is quickly approaching.

Overall this week was a solid week of training. I hit another training milestone this week with just over 100 km in mileage. I find this to be another positive milestone in training, one that I can look back on when reviewing things that went well during the training cycle.

As per my usual routine all of my runs this week were at an easy pace with the exception of my Tuesday and Thursday runs which were run at a more intense pace.

Tuesday’s effort involved doing 2 x 3.2 @ 4:02/km with a 2:00 jog between sets after a 3.2 km warm up. That workout pushed me but I did not find it nearly as difficult as Thursday’s workout.

I mentioned before in a previous post that the current training plan I am following has me doing longer speed workouts than I have done in the past. Thursday’s effort came in at 20 km, my longest for a speed workout. The workout involved a 3.2 km warm up, 7 strides, 2 x (1600 m @ 3:51/km, 1:30 jog), 30:00 @ 4:46/km, 2 x (1600 m @ 3:51/km, 1:30 jog) and a 2.4 km cool down.

Following an appreciated day of rest Friday I finished up the week with an easy 10 km yesterday and a 33 km long run this morning. The long run included the first 6 km on my own followed by 18 km with my 2 year old in the Chariot and the remaining 8.5 km on my own.

My plan now calls for one more big week consisting of similar workouts to what I did this week, before I dial back the mileage and get my legs ready for race day.

How did your week go?


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