Week 14 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon

Race day is less than one month away. That means that I have a couple of weeks of heavy mileage left before I start tapering for the marathon. That also means that I only have a couple of really long runs left now. These final two weeks of heavy training should see me hit just over 100 km per week, making them my heaviest two weeks of training so far.

This week’s plan was similar to last week’s in that my weekday runs consisted of mainly easy pace runs with one speed workout on Thursday. My total mileage for the week was 85 km. It was a good way to set me up for these last two big weeks.

One thing I am feeling postitive about so far is my training cycle is my tempo and speed workouts. The plan I am using has been recommending workouts that I have not done in the past and for longer distances than I have done in the past. I also feel that I have been pushing the pace harder on these runs than I was last year.  

My two weekend runs were both done while away from home. I had to head out at the crack of dawn to fit both in but was pleased to fit both in with our weekend plans, especially this morning’s 36 km long run that I will write about tomorrow.

How did you week go?

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