Week 13 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


Week 13 was a week of recovery after last Sunday’s half-marathon. In fact I ended up taking more rest days than I generally do. Startiung off with three in a row from Monday-Wednesday. Coming off several consecutive weeks of 80 km it certainly felt different.

As mentioned that is more time off than I would generally take but since that was what my training plan called for after the half-marathon I decided to try and see if it made a difference. With my biggest weeks in terms of mileage coming up over the next few weeks I’m sure that extra rest this week can’t hurt.

I got going again with a solid speed workout Thursday. This week’s workout involved a series of 200 m sprints. Following a 2 km warm up I fit in 12 x 200m @ 3:21/km and 200 m easy. Coming off a few days off I was surprised I did not feel as sluggish as I thought I would and it felt good to push the pace once again.

This morning was time for my weekly long run. I headed out with a couple of friends aiming for 20-25 km. To give myself even more of a workout I brought my two year along for the in the Chariot. It was my first time so far this year pushing the stroller for a run. In the end we completed 23 km to give me a total of 41 km for the week.

How did your week go?


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