Boston Marathon

Monday is one of the biggest days on the calendar for marathon runners. Of course I am talking about the 188th running of the Boston Marathon. Thousands of runners are currently on their way to Boston to take part in Monday’s race.

For some runners the Boston Marathon is just a dream because of the tough qualifying standards in place. For others qualifying for Boston is the sole focus of their training.

For me it has become the latter of the two. When I ran my first marathon I never thought I would stick with the distance and even if I did I certainly did not think I was fast enough to contemplate it. The very idea of qualifying for Boston seemed like a crazy thought.

As I began training more and improving my finish times because of it I suddenly began to think it might actually not be such a crazy idea. It has now become the focus of my training, maybe too of an obsession at times, but it is what I have be aiming for.

Since it became my training goal my qualifying time has been 3:10. I’ve come frustratingly close to reaching the goal on a couple of occasions. Unfortunately I have not yet been able to put it all together over the last 10 km of a marathon and by marathon pb is still 2:25 over that qualifying time.

Once again this year I will take two shots at it. Next month I can qualify if I get that elusive sub-3:10 result. Coming off a new half-marathon pb last weekend I am certainly motivated to take a shot at it again.

If not I will have my next opportunity in Philadelphia in November. On that occasion I will get an extra 5:00 added to my qualifying time because I would be in the next age group for the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Since I won’t be there Monday I plan to tune in to some of the coverage. I will do so in order to see who wins and to see how my running friends who are there fare.

If you are running the Boston Marathon Monday good luck!

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