Week 11 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


After my biggest week of training in terms of mileage last week my training plan had me set up for another big week this week. After a long run of 31.4 km today I ended up with 83 km for this week, the 5th time in the last 6 weeks that I managed at least 80 km in a week. 

Since I do have another race coming up, a half-marathon a week from today, my week consisted primarily of easy paced runs. Thursday’s speed workout was the only one where I pushed the pace. This is new for me considering I generally run a tempo run on Tuesday and do a speed workout on Thursday. 

This week’s speed session ended up being a solid one with me doing 5 x 5:00 minutes @ 3:57/km with a 3:00 jog in between sets. I really felt like I pushed the pace on those sets as I was feeling it by the time I got down to the last 2. 

Yesterday I faced what was hopefully the last of winter like conditions when I went for an early morning run…


Yesterday’s run went well except for the fact I almost went down hard going around one of the last corners before getting back to my house. I am not sure how I managed to keep my balance and keep going but I do feel fortunate to have avoided an injury there.

This evening I did my long run for the week. I ended up doing 31.4 km. i find with these long runs either they feel effortless on a good day, like last week for me, or they are tough and you are really only doing them to get in the mileage, like tonight for me. 

I probably made tonight’s run tougher with my preparation that consisted of hot dogs and smoked meat when I went to Montreal for spring training baseball and Easter brunch that probably involved more desserts than necessary. Although I know I could have done better it felt good to get the mileage in tonight.

Week 12 for me will consist of more easy runs as I prepare for next Sunday’s half-marathon.

How did your week go?

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