Week 4 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


Last week when I wrote a recap of my week in training I mentioned that I my goal for this week was to hit 80 km.  That did not quite happen but I can’t say that I am disappointed with how this week went.

Overall I ended up with 60 km this week. Part of the reason for my drop in mileage this week was due to the fact that I took an extra rest day. Feeling really tired and run down I decided to skip my regular Thursday night interval sessions at the track. In the end I think it was the right decision because I was at a point where I felt like pushing myself at the track would just lead to me getting sick particularly considering the rest of my family was sick all week.

In terms of my training this week I was still able to fit in some good workouts. I started off the week with a tempo run Tuesday night. I did 10 km overall with the first 8 km of the run being at a tempo pace.

Friday night I ran in what was likely the coldest weather I’ve run in so far this year. When I left the office to head home it was -23C and -27 with the windchill (-9 F, -16F with the windchill). Fortunately I brought enough layers with me to sty warm and I managed to get in just over 11 km.

Today it was even colder (-24C, -34 with the windchill) and for the second week in a row I opted for a long run at the indoor track…

That 21 km run today bumped me up to 60 km for the week. Overall I ended up taking a bit of a recovery week compared to last week. Now my goal for the upcoming week is to hit 80 km.

In terms of monthly mileage I set a goal for myself to hit 300 km after 241 km last month. So far I have managed 150 km this month. I’ll have to pick up the pace over the next two weeks but I am still on track to meet this mileage goal.

How did your week go?

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