Week 3 of Training for the Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon


My third week of training for this year’s Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon is already complete. Building on last week I managed to add more mileage this week. Overall I am pleased with the week I had and feel like it sets me up for another good week next week.

While I had a good week of training this week the weather certainly did not make it easy on me. We are still get really cold weather here when the windchill is factored in and new snow this week made traction an issue when I ran outdoor.

The weather had an impact for the first time on my schedule at the start of the week. I had planned for a tempo run home from work Tuesday night but fresh snow meant that the sidewalks were still snow covered when I ran and although I was able to maintain a steady pace there were patches where it almost felt like I was on a treadmill and not really going anywhere.

Thursday night I went for my usual weekly trip to the dome for intervals. Once again this week the chosen workout was 5 x 800m. I was very pleased with my workout this week. I managed to finish my intervals in 3:09, 3:05, 3:03, 3:03 and 2:58. Although running at that pace still feels tougher than it did last year I am pleased that I am able to run intervals at that pace so soon after getting back to running following my ruptured appendix.

Following a couple of easy runs it was time for my long run this morning. With this being the scene this morning I opted for my second run under the dome of the week.

I managed to get in 20 km at the track this morning. Doing 50 laps of a 400m track is not my favourite workpout but when the alternative is a foot of fresh snow on the sidewalks and a windchill of -30C it is not a bad alternative.

Overvall I hit 70 km for the week. I am pleased with that because I added mileage to last week’s total. At the same time I know I have more work to do to get back to the 90-100 km week range I want to be in at the peak of my training.

How did your week go?

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