Nutrition for Runners: Pizza Bianca


I came across tonight’s recipe over the weekend when looking for anothe healthier pizza option. If you are interested in this one you can find the recipe here.

The is a healthier option as far as pizzas go because it makes use of lower fat varieties of ricotta and goat cheese instead of only being loaded with mozzarella. I did not make my own dough which would have made it better but I was able to find a whole wheat option at the grocery store.

For a pizza that essentially just a blend of cheeses it has a lot of flavour. The four cheeses go well together and if you put enough thyme on it that also helps give it more flavour. I liked this option so much it was my go to snack after my run at the dome last night. It so easy to make I think It took longer for the oven to warm up than it did for me to make it last night.

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