Nutrition for Runners: Marathon Fettucine in Charred Tomato Sauce and Shrimp


Now that I am feeling better again I am trying to get back to cooking healthy meals at home and trying new recipes even if I am not yet ready to get back to running. Yesterday I made a meal that will hopefully be the start of ,e getting back to that routine.

In order to get back to my routine I went back to the Athlete’s Palate cookbook from Runner’s World, a very useful gift I received at Christmas last year. I recommend this book if you are a runner looking for healthy recipes to fuel and recover from your training. You can find this recipe on page 87.

This one takes a bit of preparation time so it might not be the best one to try if you are pressed for time during the week. Fortunately my wife was home when I made it so with two of us working on it we were able to make it quickly.

Most of the work with this recipe is related to making the sauce because you have to roast the tomatoes then chop them before putting them in the sauce. The rest of it is very easy to do. That said, the effort is worth it because the tomato sauce goes very well with the shrimp.

This recipe was another hit with out family. My wife and I even enjoyed the leftovers for lunch today. We will definitely make this one again!

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