Final Week of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon


My training is complete and race day is just around the corner. After having to back off in Montreal three weeks due to the heat I am hoping STWM will be my A race. Since I do not have any other races lined up this year I am certainly going to give it a shot Sunday morning.

Those of you who have trained for a marathon before know that there really is not much to say about this week in terms of training. After going for 15 km at race pace Sunday night my week consisted of easy runs Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ll go for a short and easy run tomorrow to shake out my legs but really the goal for this week was to stay healthy to run Sunday morning.

You may recall that I did this marathon two years ago. On that occasion I ended up missing a few weeks of training because I sprained my ankle one month before race day. As a result, race day did not go quite as planned. This time around I am certainly better prepared to have a good race.

I certainly feel that I have had another solid training cycle. I just hope everything comes together on race day and I can have a solid race. After running two marathons in warm conditions this year it appears I will finally get a chance to run in cooler conditions this time although rain and wind could still be a factor.

That’s it for another training cycle. Sunday will be marathon number three on the year for me and number 12 overall. This year has been another big year of running for me and hopefully I can end my running season off with a good result.

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