Week 14 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon


Another week of training is almost complete and race day is now less than 40 days away. After a week of recovery and nursing an injury this week I was back to a full week of training. So far I am on track for a solid week in terms of mileage.

Most important for me this week was that I felt comfortable enough to fit in a tempo run this week. This time the scheduled workout featured 6 km @ 4:15/km with a 100m sprint included in each km.

Other than that the rest of my workouts this week have involved running at an easy pace. Since I am not still fully over the issue I was having with my left leg I did not want to push too hard and risk re-aggravating the issue.

Speaking of my leg issue, I think a combination of tight calf muscles and shin splints, I picked up one of these massage rolling sticks yesterday and am already wishing I had made the investment a while ago. Despite some discomfort to start it already seems to be having a positive effect.

As for the rest of the week, I have a couple more runs to go this weekend. Tomorrow will be an easy 10 km run. Sunday will be a good test for me with 30 km on the schedule, once again with the first and last 6 km at marathon pace.

With just over a month left to go until race day I am almost over the heaviest point of my training. So far other than the recent issue with my left leg my training has gone according to plan. I am started to get excited about race day and the chance to put my training to the test once again.

How did your week go?

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