Nutriton for Runners: Easy Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

IMG_1762Tonight’s recipe comes from a new source. My wife found this recipe the other night when looking for a a healthy and light recipe to make for dinner. We tried it last night and it was a hit in our house.

Once again as with many of the recipes I post this one is relatively easy to make. I prepared the burgers yesterday after picking up my oldest daughter from the school bus.

The only thing that takes time is waiting for the sweet potato to bake in the oven. If you are short on time I would recommend baking the sweet potato ahead of time so you can quickly make the burgers.

I made the burgers as per the recipe with one change. I was unable to find tahini before I made them so I ended up substituting with hummus we had in the fridge that was made with tahini. It worked just fine.

These burgers were very tasty and as already mentioned, a hit in our house. We had no trouble getting either of our kids to finish their dinner last night.


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