Week 12 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

IMG_0804.PNGAnother week of training is nearly complete. So far this week is turning out to be my heaviest week in terms of mileage in this training cycle. With two runs left to go this weekend I am on pace for my first 100 km week in a while.

The week started off good with my scheduled intervals on Tuesday. This week my scheduled workout was a 10 minute warm up followed by 3 x ( 400m, 800m, 1200 m @ 100%).

I did my intervals in a bit of an odd way this time but it worked out in the end. I had planned to run home from work so I started my run from the office and got in the majority of my intervals on the way home. By the time I hit 8 km I ended up at the high school track close to my house so I could finish my last two intervals where I would normally go for intervals..

The other story of the week has been injury prevention. Late last week I started to feel some pain on the inside of my left leg above the ankle. Initially I thought it was just the usual aches that can follow heavy mileage and intense runs but by Wednesday it was becoming more noticeable with every step when I ran.

As a result, yesterday and today’s runs were very easy efforts. I also taped my leg with some Rocktape and took some Advil. That seems to have helped as it was less noticeable during today’s run.

I still have not done my scheduled hill workout this week because of this pain. My plan is to see how I feel tomorrow. If I feel better I will do my hills tomorrow but if the pain is still noticeable then I will just drop hills for this week.

I am hoping that the issue is going away now and that I will be able to at least get in my scheduled 23 km run Sunday. Once again for that one I am planning to start and finish at my goal marathon pace. I will have to reconsider that plan as well if I am still experiencing pain in my leg when I get up Sunday morning.

How did your week go?


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