Week 7 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Another week of training for STWM is nearly complete. Once again this week was another full week of training, the second of the current four week block of training I am working on.

So far this week I’ve done something I do not generally do. I used the same route for my three runs so far this week and have identical mileage for them, 8.9 km. Normally I prefer to change my routes even slightly for a change.

That will change this weekend when I have to add more mileage to my runs, 10 km tomorrow and 27 km Sunday. Since I will be leaving from home instead of my office for those runs it will be easier to switch up my routes.

So far my week can be summed up by the two tempo paced runs I did this week…


and Thursday

Since I took a rest day Monday following my long run Sunday evening Wednesday’s run was the only run at an easy pace so far. That will also change this weekend because tomorrow’s run will be at an easy pace and most of Sunday’s run will be at an easy pace.

It felt good to push the pace during my two tempo runs but my legs will surely benefit from a rest day today and an easy paced run tomorrow.

How did your week go?

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