Week 6 of Training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon

After a recovery week this week it was back to regular training for STWM. In addition to my usual running workouts this week the biggest change this the new strength training program I talked about in yesterday’s post. In terms of running, so far this week I managed to fit in two tempo runs and two easy runs all being the same distance, 8.9 km, because I used the same route home from work this week.

Things did not look good when I started the first of my tempo runs this week. As you can see below I thought I was headed into a nasty storm. Fortunately the quick pace of the run, an easy warm up followed by 5 km @ 4:05/km got me home before it started raining and I did not have to worry about the weather.

My second tempo run of the week was last night’s effort which ended up being 6 x (1 km @ 3:45/km, 1 km @ 4:45/km). I would say the tempo runs were the best part of week 6 so far. Getting in some mileage at paces in the range of 3:45-4:00/km is going to be important in my quest to set a new pb at STWM.

In terms of my strength training workout targeting my calf muscles, I tried it out for the first time last night. For now the plan is to stick to doing it just once per week because it is a new workout. Hopefully that will be enough to see some benefits after my current 4 week block of training that I started this week.

How was your week?

To close out the week I have a couple of runs over the weekend. First I plan a very easy 10 km tomorrow. My last run will be a 24 km run Sunday with the first 18 km at an easy pace followed by the last 6 km

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