Something New

Yesterday I received my latest four week block of training from my coach. My running program continues with the same workouts I have been doing, although with a bit more mileage. What is changing is my strength program for this next block of training.

The goal for my strength training in this block of training will be to build strength in my calf muscles. This is the first time any of my strength training has targeted my calf muscles specifically. Some of you might recall that I struggled with calf cramps during the last 10 km of my last two marathons. Hopefully this will help address the problem.

Here is a video showing some of the exercises I will be doing over the next four weeks. Specifically, I will be doing the exercises in the video involving stairs…

I will be going through the workout for the first time either tonight or tomorrow morning. Having not done most of the exercises before I am sure I will feel it in my calves afterward but if it prevents the cramping I dealt with in my last two marathons it will certainly be worth it.

Now I just have to find a staircase close to home that I can use for my workout and I will be ready to get started!

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