My Weekly Recap

It’s been a week since I got back to running after recovering from last month’s Ottawa Marathon. I have been back to running regularly with just a planned day off Monday and an unplanned day off today, more on that later.

So far I have kept my post-marathon runs at a relatively relaxed and easy pace. While I recovered quickly from the marathon I did not want to take any risks by pushing the pace when I am at a point where I am not currently training for a race.

I have also kept my runs to relatively short distances. Other than a 15 km effort last Sunday my other runs have been in the 8-10 km range which is easy to fit in given the distance of my office from my house.

I mentioned that I had planned to run today but ended up taking an unplanned day off. The reason was that I forgot an item I could not do without, my shoes. Since I was not interested in trying barefoot running I had to cancel my planned run for today.

In addition to running regularly this week I also sat down to have a good discussion with my coach to go over a plan for the summer and the fall. The plan has not been finalized and it is starting to come together.

Right now I know for sure that I will take at least one shot at a 10 km pb over the summer and I will run another marathon in the fall. As mentioned before, I am registered for the marathon in Montreal in September although I do not know yet for sure how I will approach that one in terms of strategy, I will have more on that in the coming days.

How did your week go?

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