Week 20 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


There is not much to say about this week. Being the last week before race day I did not have much scheduled. The important thing was to ensure I was well rested and ready for race day.

Even though I have already completed nine marathons this final week was not any easier to get through this time around. I am still anxious to get up Sunday morning and run the marathon. It was my own version of taper madness.

Other than the combination of nerves and excitement this week has been fine. I did have a scare Tuesday after picking up a stomach bug that made my kids sick over the weekend. Fortunately I was over it quickly.

In terms of running, I went for a 20 minute run with some accelerations Tuesday night and I went for a very easy 40 minute run last night. Tomorrow I’ll go for an easy 20 minute run to shake my legs out.

That’s it for another training cycle. Iwent out to pick up my race kit tonight.


I am ready for marathon number 10. Now I just have to gout and put my plan into action Sunday morning!

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