Week 19 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


This week marked the first week of my two week taper ahead of the Ottawa Marathon. Race day is now just over a week away, one week from this Sunday to be exact.

For now I have had more off days this week than days where I have gone for a run. I would prefer to be running more often but I also know that this period will be important in terms of allowing my legs to recover from this training cycle and be ready for race day.

Tuesday morning I got in a quick tempo run that involved 6 x (2 minutes at 4:45/km followed by 2 minutes at 3:45/km). Once again this was a workout that did not look like much on paper given that I was only running for 24 minutes. However, pushing the pace under 4:00/km for 2 minutes 4 times made it a tougher workout than it sounded.

Last night I went for my last hill workout of this training cycle. Like the previous 2 weeks I was once again scheduled to do short hill sprints. Last night’s workout involved 5 x (100 m uphill at 90% followed by an easy 100 m downhill).

I’ll end week 19 with an easy 15 km run tomorrow. Next week will be an even lighter week in terms of mileage and intensity. The more important issue next week will be my diet and making sure I take in enough carbs to give me the fuel needed to run my goal pace.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Week 19 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. my second week of taper looked like this:

    Monday: REST
    Tuesday: 12.5k @ race pace
    Wednesday: 12.5 easy
    Thursday: REST
    Friday: 5 small hills @ 95% effort + 9k tempo (12.6k total)
    Saturday: REST
    Sunday(really monday..): 15k lsd w a few strides
    total: 52.6k

    since I ran 4 days last week, I’m thinking to only run 3 days for this final week, race day included. so I’ll do a short 6k race pace today. Rest on Wednesday. And then an easy 5k on Thursday. And rest Friday and Saturday. Saturday is looking to be a busy day unfourtunately, but I’ll do my best to get off my feet as much as possible. What does your final week look like?

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    1. Supposed to do a short tempo run today, rest tomorrow, easy 30 minutes Thursday, rest Friday and an easy 20 minutes Saturday.

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