Week 18 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon

20140502-210717.jpgThis week is my last big week of training before the Ottawa Marathon which is just over two weeks away now.  After two runs this weekend I will start tapering for race day.

The week got started with a tempo run on Tuesday. The scheduled workout this week was the same as last week, 4 x (5 minutes @ 5:00/km followed by 5 minutes @ 4:00/km). As with last week it does not look like a tough workout on paper but I was feeling it by the time I got to the fourth set so it was not an easy workout.

Yes day was once again time for short hill sprints…

I used the hill above for my sprints yesterday. It is not the biggest hill but enough of an incline to make me work harder for the 100 m sprints and when you add in jumping squats after each set it was not an easy workout. My quads are feeling it today.

As mentioned, I have two runs left to do this weekend. Tomorrow will be 8 km with 6 km of that coming at race pace. Finally, Sunday will see me get in my last long run ahead of race day with an easy 32 km effort.

How did your week go?

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2 thoughts on “Week 18 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. way to go Pat. another solid, strong week for you. I chose a 3 week taper so I started to hold back a bit this past week:

    Monday: REST
    Tuesday: intervals: 3x1600m and 3x800m (12.6k total)
    Wednesday:12.6k easy
    Thursday: 13k race pace
    Friday: 9k easy
    Saturday: REST
    Sunday: 24k easy

    total: 71.74k

    I’ve made my mind up to try and hold a 4:37 pace and come in around 3:15 – as usual the last 10k are gonna be the hardest… what will your race pace be?

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    1. Thanks James.

      Good plan for race day. I am aiming for around 3:10 so I am going to start with the 3:10 pacer. I did the same thing last year but I went out ahead of the pacer at the halfway point then started to run out of gas in New Edinburgh. The plan is to be more patient this year. If I am feeling good I will make that move in the last 10 km.

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