Week 17 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


As mentioned last night, this week was a return to full training after a recovery last week. After that recovery week I was looking forward to getting back to a full week of training.

After an easy run Monday my week really got going with a tempo run Tuesday night. The tempo workout this week involved 5 minutes at an easy pace followed by 5 minutes at 4:00/km. I repeated this pattern 4 times. It sounds like a relatively easy workout but by the fourth set I was feeling it as I pushed the pace in the second half.

My second intense workout of the week involved a new workout, short hill sprints. Last night’s workout was 8 x (100 m hill @ 100% followed by an easy 100m). In order to fit it in on my way home from work yesterday I did an easy warm up on my way to a hill, did my sprints then continued on my way home. Overall it turned into an 11 km run.

After a rest day today I will finish off the week with two runs this weekend. First off will be an 8 km race pace effort following a 10 minute warm up tomorrow. Sunday I will fit in the first of my last two long runs with an easy 28 km. I am hoping the weather will be decent for that one so I can take my youngest in the Chariot.

So far it has been a productive week. I am starting to get excited about race day now that it is only just over 3 weeks away. I am looking forward to putting my training to the test. That said, I have some big training miles to go before then.

How did your week go?

2 thoughts on “Week 17 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. good week for me, back at it hard, like you, after a recovery week last week.

    Mon: 15k tempo
    Tues: 12.5k easy
    Wed: 16.5k hill repeats+tempo
    Thurs: 12.5k easy
    Fri: 12.5k easy
    Sat: REST!!
    Sun: 32.2k lsd w final 10k fast finish

    total: 102k

    getting excited that its getting closer!

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