Nutrition for Runners: Tilapia with Papaya Ginger Relish and Summer Squash


Tonight’s recipe is another one from the Athlete’s Palate cookbook. This time I gave my four year-old a few choices from the book and this was the recipe she picked.

Normally the recipes I post are relatively easy to make. I wouldn’t say this one was complicated but the chopping for the relish was time consuming especially since I was trying to keep an eye on my kids as I was preparing it.

You will notice I used red beets instead of golden beets when I made it. I could not find golden beets at the grocery store and had to make it with red beets. It did not make a difference to the taste but obviously the squash and zucchini turned red because of it.

The relish is definitely the best part of this recipe. It goes very well with the tilapia.

This is a recipe I will put in our rotation again although It won’t be on a day when I am short on time.

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