Next Race: Run for Reach Half-Marathon

My next scheduled race is coming up on Sunday morning. As with the St-Patrick’s Day 10 km race I did a few weeks ago this will also be my fourth consecutive year doing the Run for Reach Half-Marathon.

With a little over a month to go before the Ottawa Marathon I find this race is well timed to give me an indication of where I am at with my training for the marathon. It also tends to mark the end of my early season races before I focus my attention solely on the marathon.

While the course might not be the most exciting one, two laps of an out and back course along the Rideau Canal, the fact that the course is relatively flat means that it is conducive to a fast time.

Personally, my two quickest half-marathon times have come on this course, 1:29:34 two years ago and 1:30:48 last year. Once again my plan is to race and see how well I can do since my coach feels there is plenty of time for recovery afterward.

One factor I won’t be able to control Sunday is the weather. It is hard to predict what we will get at this time of year. Two years ago I ran in shorts and short sleeves. Last year it snowed and I had to wear gloves and a hat. Hopefully the weather this year will be more like it was two years ago.

4 thoughts on “Next Race: Run for Reach Half-Marathon”

  1. Looks like rain in the forecast for now. Do you run/walk to the start line for this one?

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  2. yup I’ll be there. Looking forward to it. I still feel a little sore/tired from the 32 on sunday. I find the 32’s really take a lot outta me. for me, planning to rest both friday and saturday so I’m fully rested and ready to kick asphalt.

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    1. I have very easy runs planned for Friday and Saturday. I agree the 32’s take some recovery especially when you do the last bit at race pace.

      Good luck Sunday!

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