Marathon Move

After reading the following article with a theory on how to help you finish strong in your next marathon I decided to give it a shot on my last long run.

Generally during my long runs I tend to stick to a slow and easy pace, not wanting to push too hard. This past Sunday I had a 30 km run on the schedule. Due to the number of weeks before my next marathon the article suggested pushing the pace for 20-24 minutes, at my goal marathon pace this would be about 5.5 km.

When I headed out the door Sunday morning my goal was then to run at an easy pace for 24.5 km followed by a faster final 5.5 km. here is the result…

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I think it was a success. I can certainly see the potential benefit to this strategy. It is useful to try running at your goal pace when your legs are heavy and tired.

Do you use this method for your long runs or do you stick to an easy pace?

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