Week 11 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week is nearly complete. This week is the last week of hard training in this block of four weeks before I take a recovery week next week. All that remain for this week are hill repeats tomorrow and a long run on Sunday.

Overall it has been a good week of training but as you can see above a couple of key runs remain. One of those runs is the series of hill repeats I plan to get in tomorrow. I was not able to get in my hill repeats as planned on Tuesday so tomorrow I will be doing five hill repeats when I go for my run.

Last night I did my intervals as per usual. Once again the scheduled workout was 3 sets of a 500 m followed by a 1000 m interval with a two minute break in between intervals. The goal last night was to try and beat my best times from the previous two weeks. Unfortunately that did not happen with my best interval times being 1:52 and 3:49 respectively. Overall over the past three weeks my best times were 1:48 and 3:42.

My final run of the week will also be a key one. It will be my first 30 km run of this training cycle. This week for my long run I plan to try this marathon move I read about. Since the Ottawa Marathon is about 9 weeks away I’ll aim for a 20-25 minute marathon move.

My hill repeats tomorrow and long run Sunday will leave me at just over 70 km for the week. I’ll increase my weekly mileage again in two weeks when I start my next four week training block.

How did your week go?

4 thoughts on “Week 11 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. good, strong week for me. really pushed it just for the sake of pushing it:

    Mon: 10k easy
    Tues: 14k tempo
    Weds: 12.5 easy
    Thurs: 12.5k hills (5) + tempo
    Fri: 16k easy (
    Sat: rest
    Sun: 27.5k w last 7k fast finish.
    total: 93k

    this week is a recovery week for me, aiming for ~50k. got on the spin-bike at the gym today, that was different. was a nice change.

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      1. I am hopeful I can break 3:30 this year.

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