Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week 10 of training is nearly complete. Before the week ends I will be completing my first race of the year, a 10 km race tomorrow morning. Overall it has been another strong week of training with good hill and interval workouts leading the way.

This week’s hill workout involved an additional repeat, four compared to three last week. I used the same hill as last again this week. Fortunately the sidewalks were clear this week so I was able to push the pace.

Last night was my weekly interval workout at the indoor track. Once again this week my scheduled workout involved three 500 m and three 1000 m intervals. Unfortunately I was not able to beat the times I set last week. On the positive side I was able to match my best times from last week so it was still a good workout.

I did have to postpone an easy run Wednesday because of a day of skiing and a late day snowstorm. I made up for that tonight with an easy run to pick up my race kit for tomorrow after work.

This weekend as mentioned I will be running a 10 km race tomorrow. I also have a long scheduled, 25 km that I will get in on Sunday.

How did your week go?

2 thoughts on “Week 10 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon”

  1. my week was pretty good:

    Mon: Rest
    Tues: 5x1200m repeats (12.5k)
    Wed: easy paced 12.6k
    Thurs: 10k with 3x1000m strides
    Fri: rest
    Sat: same St Patrick’s Day 10k race, new pb
    Sun: bitterly cold & dark 25k after I put kids to bed.

    total for week: 70k

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    1. That is a solid week of training. Congrats on the PB Saturday morning.

      Nice work on the 25 km last night. I managed to fit mine in yesterday morning. It was pretty cold when I went out too. Hopefully that is the last of the really cold weather.

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