No Run Tuesdays

Since I started my training cycle for the Ottawa Marathon Tuesdays have been pencilled as my day for fitting in an 8 km run with accelerations. However, this run is proving to be the most difficult run to fit in as per my schedule. It is a bizarre trend that has developed in my weekly training.

For a variety of reasons, week after week I just cannot seem to fit in this run. What keeps happening is that I end up with an extra day of rest after my scheduled day of rest on Mondays.I’ve had the best of intentions to fit in this run but whether it is because I was busy at work or busy at home after work I am finding myself having to postpone this run.

It is not such a big deal since I have been able to delay the run to later in the week it is funny how this trend has developed. In order to make up for the missed Tuesday run I have either been running twice one day per week or I have been running on Fridays when I also do not have a scheduled run.

In the end maybe it is not such a bad thing that I keep taking Tuesday off from running. Since I am doing my strength exercises on Mondays, the day after my long run, Tuesday is giving my an actual day of rest. Tonight when it became apparent I would not fit the run in I got out my foam roller and also did some yoga stretches. I figure that for this reason the trend cannot be that bad if it keeps up.

Do you find yourself developing trends like this in your training schedule?

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