Week 4 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Week four was the first of the recovery weeks in my training schedule. As mentioned last week, this training schedule is being divided into blocks of four weeks with the last one being a recovery week. This week I had just one intense workout scheduled which ended up being last night’s effort at the dome.

The biggest news this week was probably the fact that I met my coach to go over the next four weeks of training so now I knows what lies ahead for my next training block. In terms of running I have four more weeks of training that will include even more short sprints during my speed workouts. In addition, I have a new schedule of strength exercises to keep up with.

In terms of training this week, I mentioned that my only intense workout was last night’s effort at the dome. The workout on my schedule was a 3 km test. After a warm up the plan was to run 3 km as hard as I could. In the end the result was not bad but not quite what I expected. I finished it in 12:30, a time that I know I can beat. I finished strong by picking up the pace over the last 2.5 laps but I started off slower than I realized and could not recover. It is a lesson learned and a mistake I won’t make in four weeks when I do my next 3 km test in four weeks.

Next week it is back to more intense training with more mileage and more intense speed workouts scheduled for the next three weeks. I know the recovery this week was necessary but I am looking forward to getting back to more intense training before i do my next 3 km test in my next recovery week.

How did your week go?

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