Preparing a 10 km Plan


In addition to me running the marathon during race weekend here in May my wife will be running the 10 km the night before. In order to get ready for it she asked me to prepare a training plan for it. Overall, the plan includes 13 weeks of training. Probably more than is needed but I included a few easy weeks at the start to ease back into running.

After much thought I have completed the training plan and put it into a calendar for her to follow. The training plan starts in late February so maybe by then the really cold temperatures and windchill we have been experiencing in January will be a thing of the past. If not she might have to consider joining me at the dome for an indoor run or two!

This is the first time I have been tasked with preparing a training plan for someone else. I tried to make it fun and useful. In doing so I did not include any workouts just because I like them and there are not any back to back days. This was part of the challenge, thinking of what would work best for my wife in this case instead of going with what I know works for me.

It is fun to share something I enjoy and hope my wife will enjoy it as well. I am excited to see the result on race day. If this goes well maybe I will be tasked with preparing more race training plans in the future!

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  1. Hey, my wife is also racing the 10k!

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