Week 3 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


Another week of training is nearly complete. So far I have managed to fit in three runs this week. The week will end with 21 km and 8 km runs this weekend. The week got off to a slow start with me being unable to run Monday and Tuesday but it has been a solid week of training.

The return of really cold weather saw me head to the dome two nights in a row for the first time. I still prefer being able to run outside but when the windchill gets to -30C being able to run indoor at the dome is a great option to have. Without this option I likely would have had to postpone one of my runs.

Wednesday I went for a 7 km run with 8 x 40 second accelerations. Last night was time for my usual speed intervals with the workout of choice this time being 6 x 50m, 6 x 100m followed by 2 x 1 km at 3:40/km. This makes three weeks in a row I have done 50 and 100 m sprints. I find they make for a great workout and am pleased so far that my coach has me doing them.

As with my training cycle for Philadelphia, my coach also has me doing stretching/mobility and strength exercises. So far I am managing to keep up with doing each routine twice a week. As long as I continued I think this will be as beneficial to my training as the mileage I am putting in.

Next week will represent the last week of my first block of my training program meaning it will be a bit of a taper after three weeks of going hard. Following that I will start another four week block with three weeks of hard training and ending with a week of recovery.

How did your week go?

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