Week 1 of Training for the Ottawa Marathon


This week officially kicked off training for marathon number 10 for me, the Ottawa Marathon in May. Other than to say I have started another training cycle there really is notmuch to report at this point. So far this week my training has included a few runs along with the resumption of strength exercises my coach assigned me.

In terms of runs so far this week I did a couple of 8 km runs along with a session of intervals at the dome. Last night’s workout at the dome was a quick one involving 50 m sprints. The goal of the first four weeks of my training will be to build strength. Part of that will involve short sprints at the track. The other part involves the resumption of strength exercises.

The most important part of this week was that it signalled the return to marathon training. After taking a little over month off following the Philadelphia Marathon it feels good to be back on a regular training program. I am excited to get back to training and take another shot at the marathon.

Now that I have started my training cycle I will once again start using my Friday posts as a weekly update on my training.

How did your week go?

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