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After taking it easy after the Philadelphia Marathon in November I kicked off another training cycle tonight. Last night I met with my coach to go over the start of my training plan for the Ottawa Marathon in May. Tonight I went for my first run in this training cycle, the start to training for marathon number 10 for me.

This training cycle is going to build on the training I did for Philadelphia. Although that did not bring me the result I was looking for on race day I think there were some benefits I made during that cycle which was my first time working with a coach. This training cycle will see me continue to include regular strength work as part of my training, one of the biggest changes I ,ade when I started working with my coach.

Tonight’s run was not a particularly difficult one although the icy sidewalks made it a little more difficult than it otherwise would have been. I started my training for The Ottawa Marathon with an 8 km run that included ten 30 second accelerations. After a month of taking it easy it felt good to get back to dedicated training. Now I will be going back to my usual routine of running 5-6 times per week.

As I have done while training for my previous marathons I plan to use my Friday post for an update on each week of training as I work my way toward race day in May.

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