Planning for the New Year

Like many of you I am at a point where I am starting to take a look at options for 2014 in order to plan my next year of running. I took the first step toward that yesterday by meeting with my coach to have a final discussion about how this year went and first discussion on the plan for next year.

I am not sure if this is common for many of you but once again my plans, at least for the first half of the year, will be designed with one goal in mind. As previously mentioned, that goal will be getting ready for the Ottawa Marathon in May. For the past few years I have included a series of races at shorter distances in my preparation for the Ottawa Marathon.

I think this approach has served me well the last few years. These shorter races have given me an opportunity to test my fitness at various points in my training by giving me an excuse to push the pace a little harder than usual. I am not sure exactly what my final plans for the first half of 2014 will be yet but it will most likely involve at least a half-marathon and a 10 km.

It is possible that my focus will change once I reach my goal time in the marathon. Maybe I will start planning my schedule out based on distances I want to do and locations I want to visit. For now at least I will continue planning out my schedule based on one overall goal.

How do you plan out your year of running? Are you like me and design your training schedule to prepare for one overall goal or do you take another approach?

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    1. Thanks for stopping by. Sounds like you use a similar approach.

      Good luck with your training. I will follow your blog to see how you do.

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