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The past two years I have had a pass to run at an indoor track during the winter. It has been a great addition to my training as it has allowed me to get in regular speed intervals when it is cold outside and I have to bundle up inseveral layers to run outside. For obvious reasons doing speed work indoor at this time is more comfortable.

Over the past two years I think it has given me the advantage of being able to fit in regular speed work earlier my training cycle for a spring marathon than I had in previous years. Last year when I started speed work at the dome I noticed an improvement over the previous year because my times were quicker regardless of which workout we chose on a given night. I am hoping that trend will continue this year. If it does I will certainly be in good shape for the Ottawa Marathon in May.

As mentioned, last night was my first workout at the dome for this winter. The workout of choice last night was 800m sprints. We only completed four of them but each one was completed in less than 3:10. I hope I can continue that trend. Now that winter has hit here I will be making a weekly visit to the dome to fit in speed intervals.

Do you continue to do speed work over the winter?

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