What’s Next?

Of course this is always the big question after completing a marathon. For me the answer is simple and probably not a surprise if you have followed this blog. I did not run at all last week because my legs needed time to recover from running 26 miles in Philadelphia and I was sick over the weekend. Now more than a week after Philadelphia I know the answer to what comes next.

I registered for my next marathon today. It was a given I was going to run one of the races during race weekend here in May. I just was not sure what event I was going to go for because I was focused on my run in Philadelphia. The decision of event I was going to do was made easier for me when the half-marathon sold out last week.

In terms of registering for the marathon I probably did not need to register right away because there is still plenty of space left at this time but I knew I was going to do it for a few days now and this year entrants who register before December 1 get a copy of a book I probably would have bought at a later date anyway.

As of today I am registered for the Ottawa Marathon. It will be my sixth straight year running  it. I am not sure how long I will be able to keep the string going but it is nice to keep it going for another year.  Overall this will be marathon number 10 for me.

Speaking of streaks, I will be keeping another streak going by participating in race weekend. For the fourth straight year I will use the opportunity to raise funds for the Ottawa Hospital as part of race weekend. A couple of years ago I started directing the funds I raise to neurology at the hospital after my father passed away from a stroke. That will be the case once again this year.

There’s my update. If you are looking for a spring marathon I would recommend this one, and not just because I am biased by the fact that it is local. The course is relatively flat if you are aming for a quick time and the changes to the course over the past couple of years have helped improve crowd support along the way.

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