Week 16 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


There really isn’t much to add in terms of training this week. My 16 weeks of training are complete. Race day is now only two days away. In terms of running this week, I only fit in two runs – an easy 8 km run home from work Tuesday and an easy run with my coach Wednesday which was basically just to discuss my game plan.

I made it to Philadelphia this afternoon and have already been to the expo to pick up my race kit and my gels for Sunday. Tomorrow I will go out for a 20 minute run but that will be a very easy run to shake out my legs. Other than that I am just going to try and relax and keep myself prepared for Sunday.

In terms of training, this time around I took a different approach to training. For my first 8 marathons I chose a training plan and did a lot of my training on my own. This time I worked with a coach. The biggest change for me was the fact that my coach cut back on my overall mileage compared to the other times. His reason was that he wanted me to focus on quality over quantity.

Since this was new to me I was concerned at first but when I look back on it I certainly got in more quality runs this time with the tougher hill workouts and new speed workouts added to my training. In addition, the 36 km run I did nearly 3 weeks ago solidified confirmed for me that I am still ready to run a marathon.

Now I am all set to go run 26 miles Sunday morning!


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