Week 15 of Training for the Philadelphia Marathon


Race day is just over a week away. One week from night I will be making this update from Philadelphia, if I am able to write an update.
Week 15 is nearly complete. I did manage to get in a couple of good uptempo runs this week but I find this is a weird part of a marathon training cycle. It is a point where you are ready and anxious for race day yet at the same time you still have to go through a couple of weeks where maintaining your fitness and avoiding injuries are the key.

Tuesday which has been most often my day for speed work throughout this training cycle was the first of my uptempo runs this week. This week’s workout consisted of a warm up followed by 4 km at race pace followed by a one minute jog then another 4 km at race then a cool down. Having me alternate my pace is something my coach has had me working on that I had not really done before.

The second of the uptempo runs this week was last night’s run involving sprints at the track. Last night’s workout involved a 10 minute warm up followed by 6 x 100 m at 100% effort/100 m jog. Again this is something new for me that has been included in this training cycle, sprints. Throughout the cycle I have done 100 m and 50 m sprints at various points.

I will end the week with 8 km at an easy pace followed by 4 km at a hard pace.

How did your week go?

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